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    The current trend in the diagnosis of epilepsy is
    oriented towards high frequency activity that is used to
    characterize the epileptogenic zone. Still, interictal spikes, i.e.
    transient activity, remain a classical marker. A difficult
    question is to separate these two classes of activity that overlap
    in the time-frequency plane. We propose to use a temporal
    basis set in order to describe and subtract spiking activity from
    the traces, as a preprocessing step for further space-timefrequency
    analysis. The set is based on singular value
    decomposition. We select the first three temporal components,
    construct a model of the spikes by projecting the data on the
    new basis and obtain a spike-free signal by subtracting the
    model from the original signal. We prove that despikifying
    results in a better characterization of oscillatory activity,
    promoting time and frequency separation. The resulting
    spatio-temporal maps could help for a better characterization
    of the oscillatory activity in electrophysiology of epilepsy.
  • [Conférence intertnationale] Nouha Dammak et Yassine Ben Ayed. Indexing and Classifiying Video Genres using Support Vector Machines. 12th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications AICCSA 2015, novembre, 2015, Marrakech, Maroc

    In this paper, classifying and indexing hierarchical video genres using Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are based on only audio features. In fact, segmentation parameters are extracted at block levels, which have a major benefit by capturing local temporal information. The main contri-bution of our study is to present a powerful combination between the two employed audio descriptors; Mel Fre-quency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) and signal energy in order to classify a big YouTube dataset that includes multi-Arabic dialects video genres and even sub-genres: several sports analysis and various matches categories (foot-ball, basket-ball, hand-ball and volley-ball), both studio and fields news scenes over and above various multi-singer and multi-instruments music clips. Validation of this approach was carried out on over 18 hours of video span yielding a classification accuracy of 98,5% for ge-nres, 97% for sports sub-genres and 76% for music sub-genres. Finally we discuss SVM kernels performance on our proposed dataset.

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    Face to the increasingly stringent business competition,
    Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) strive to excel
    in the marketplace by adopting different strategies and solutions.
    Outsourcing their business processes to the Cloud is considered as
    a widely adopted strategy. Among others, SMEs outsource their
    related business process to improve their performance. However,
    this strategy is not without inconvenience especially when the
    decision is taken without being aware of the business process
    requirements and the experts preferences. This paper’s major
    contributions are: the proposition of a monitoring tool to identify
    the defaulting activities causing the degradation of the business
    process performance. These information are used later to favor
    the outsourcing of defaulting activities as the Cloud environment
    may be a better alternative environment instead of the enterprise
    one as it can provide a better IT infrastructure with lower
    cost compared to the in-house one. Furthermore, we propose
    a decision model using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to
    assist experts in the fastidious task of selecting suitable activity
    to be outsourced according to the identified requirements and
    the experts preferences. It resorts essentially to commonly used
    standards which make it a powerful tool for both IT and business
    experts. An evaluation of the results is elaborated to insure the
    utility of the elaborated tool using the CloudSim toolkit.
  • [Conférence intertnationale] Achraf Mtibaa, Taher LABIDI et Faiez Gargouri. Modèle exhaustif à base d’ontologie pour le SLA dans le Cloud Computing. Les cinquièmes Journées Francophones sur les Ontologies JFO 2014, novembre, 2015, Conférence, Nabeul, Tunisie
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    MIRADOC’2010, Rencontre Doctorale de Miracl Date : 19-22 décembre 2010. Lieu: Douz , Tunisie
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    Les 2éme Journées sur les Réseaux Bayésiens et leurs Applications Date et lieu : octobre 2011, Sfax, Tunisie. Abstract The Bayesian Networks are graphical models that are easy to interpret and update. These models are useful if the knowledge is uncertain, but they lack some means to express ambiguity. To face this problem, we propose Fuzzy Evidence in Bayesian Networks and combine the Fuzzy Logic and Bayesian Network. This has allowed to benefit from mutual advantages of these two approaches, and to overcome the problem of data and observation ambiguity. This paper proposes an inference algorithm which uses the Bayesian Network and Fuzzy Logic reliability. This solution has been implemented, tested and evaluated in comparison with the existing methods.
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