• [Journal] Lotfi Chaari. A Bayesian grouplet transform. , janvier, 2019, Signal, Image and Video Processing

    In the signal processing literature, wavelet transforms have been widely used for compression, restoration or texture processing. In this sense, grouplet transforms have been proposed to account for the geometrical image regularities. A grouplet transform (basis or frame) is based on an a priori fixed association field that groups image coefficients according to geometrical considerations. In this paper, we propose a method for estimating this association field in a Bayesian way. The resulting association field is therefore adaptive to the processed image content. A hierarchical Bayesian model is proposed and the inference is conducted using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithm. The proposed method is tested on standard images in terms of association field quality and quantitative properties of the obtained wavelet coefficients. Specifically, the proposed method provides coefficients with low correlation level, and for which the highest level of energy is concentrated within the 20% most significant. These promising results confirm the potential of the proposed method for several image processing applications such as compression, denoising or restoration.

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  • Date de création : 19 Décembre 2012
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    MIRADOC’2010, Rencontre Doctorale de Miracl Date : 19-22 décembre 2010. Lieu: Douz , Tunisie
  • Date de création : 19 Décembre 2012
    Les 2éme Journées sur les Réseaux Bayésiens et leurs Applications Date et lieu : octobre 2011, Sfax, Tunisie. Abstract The Bayesian Networks are graphical models that are easy to interpret and update. These models are useful if the knowledge is uncertain, but they lack some means to express ambiguity. To face this problem, we propose Fuzzy Evidence in Bayesian Networks and combine the Fuzzy Logic and Bayesian Network. This has allowed to benefit from mutual advantages of these two approaches, and to overcome the problem of data and observation ambiguity. This paper proposes an inference algorithm which uses the Bayesian Network and Fuzzy Logic reliability. This solution has been implemented, tested and evaluated in comparison with the existing methods.
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