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    In this paper, we propose an ontology-based approach for representing and reasoning about certain and uncertain temporal data. It handles temporal data in terms of quantitative time intervals and points and the qualitative relations between them (e.g., “before”). It includes three parts. (1) We extend the 4D-fluents approach with certain ontological components to represent the handled temporal data in OWL 2. (2) We extend the Allen’s interval algebra to reason about certain and uncertain time intervals. We adapt these relations to allow relating a time interval and a time point, and two time points. All relations can be used for temporal reasoning by means of transitivity tables. (3) The extended Allen’s algebra instantiates the 4D-fluents-based representation. Inferences are based on SWRL rules. Based on this ontology, a prototype is implemented and integrated into an ontology-based memory prosthesis for Alzheimer’s patients to handle certain and uncertain temporal data inputs.

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    Recent works on Real-Time (RT) databases are focused on
    simulations. These studies present shortcomings not only in
    verification but also in comparison with existing core techniques
    used for the management of RT databases. Besides, RT database
    applications are challenged by the lack of an RT database system
    open source to perform a realistic environment. In this paper, a
    design based on a open-source object-oriented environment
    database system is proposed for the RT database application
    development. The proposed system is based on the RTQL (Real-
    Time Query Language) which is defined as a high-level RT
    object-oriented query language. It supports the expression of
    timing constraints on data and it ensures transactions upon the
    data. Then, a QoS management approach is performed to reduce
    workloads and to detect overload. The proposed attempt is
    supported by the use of the feedback control RT scheduling
    theory. Our evaluation shows that our approach not only achieves
    the desired timeliness of transactions but also maintains high data
    freshness compared with other related approaches.

  • Date de création : 19 Décembre 2012
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    Les 2éme Journées sur les Réseaux Bayésiens et leurs Applications Date et lieu : octobre 2011, Sfax, Tunisie. Abstract The Bayesian Networks are graphical models that are easy to interpret and update. These models are useful if the knowledge is uncertain, but they lack some means to express ambiguity. To face this problem, we propose Fuzzy Evidence in Bayesian Networks and combine the Fuzzy Logic and Bayesian Network. This has allowed to benefit from mutual advantages of these two approaches, and to overcome the problem of data and observation ambiguity. This paper proposes an inference algorithm which uses the Bayesian Network and Fuzzy Logic reliability. This solution has been implemented, tested and evaluated in comparison with the existing methods.
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