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Journées internes
Date de création: 09 Mars 2023

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2 novembre 2022 : 10h00 --> 12h00

Salle de réunions FSS

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Workshop on differential learning supported by ICT-Rollator Project.
Date de création: 16 Février 2023
Within the framework of the Workshop on differential learning supported by ICT-Rollator Project. 
A session focusing pattern recognition will be given tomorrow 03.11.2022  - 15H@ Salle Lotfi Bouzguenda (Salle des thèses) by :
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schöllhorn (Head of the department of Movement and training Science and former dean of the Institute of Sport Science at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany) is the creator of the Differential Learning System. For many years he trained national and international athletes in different sports. In 1990 he received a PhD in biomechanics from the University of Frankfurt. After having professorships and guest professorships around the world he became professor for training and movement science at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz in 2007. His work in the field of athletics, biomechanics, and motor learning has received several national and international prizes including the Performance Award of International Society of Biomechanics for Differential Learning (DL) and 2006 the "Deutsches Werkbund Label". He published four books and more than 250 papers in Biomechanical, complex movement patterns, learning process, and training and movement sciences
A demo session is also planned by Saturday November 5th 2022 from 10h30 -> 12h.


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Date de création: 16 Février 2023

Journées Scientifiques 4.O

MIRADOC’ 2022 26-28 décembre 2022

Hôtel Sentido Bellevue Park 5* Sousse

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Workshop : International Cooperation on VR & AR Projects (IC xR-P) 2020-2023
Date de création: 16 Février 2023

This workshop is organised by ISIMS and MIRACL direction. this project dissemination workshop has as additional objectives to offer opportunities for MIRACL’s researchers and ISIMS faculties members to present their research work related to AR/VR topics and discuss further and new eventual cooperations

WorkShop : International Cooperation on VR/AR Projects (IC xR-P) 2020-2023

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Séminaire de recherche et de formation
Date de création: 16 Mars 2016
Un séminaire de recherche et de formation organisé par l’Ecole Doctorale en Littératures, Arts et Humanités
de l’Université de Sfax en collaboration avec le LR Approche du discours et le LR MIRACL MIRACL
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