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- Fatma Ghorbel

- Bilel Gargouri

- Fayçal Hamdi

- Elisabeth Métais

- Faiez Gargouri

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Handling Temporal Data Imperfections in OWL 2 - Application to Collective Memory Data Entries
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International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS 2022)
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Conférence intertnationale
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Dealing with imperfect temporal data entries in the context of Collective and Personal Memory applications is an imperative matter. Data are structured semantically using an ontology called “Collective Memo Onto”. In this paper, we propose an approach that handles temporal data imperfections in OWL 2. We reduce to four types of imperfection defined in our typology of temporal data imperfections which are imprecision, uncertainty, simultaneously uncertainty and imprecision and conflict. The approach consists of representing imperfect quantitative and qualitative time intervals and time points by extending the 4D-fluents approach and defining new components, as well as reasoning about the handled data by extending the Allen’s Interval algebra. Based on both extensions, we propose an OWL 2 ontology named “TimeOntoImperfection”. The proposed qualitative temporal relations are inferred via a set of 924 SWRL rules. We validate our work by implementing a prototype based on the proposed ontology and we apply it in the context of the Collective Memory Temporal Data.