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Graph Planning Based Composition For Adaptable Semantic Web Services
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KES 2017
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Conférence intertnationale
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This paper proposes a context-aware semantic planning graph technique for Web services composition. We first use an ontology based context model for extending Web services descriptions with information about the most suitable context for its use. Then, we transform the composition problem into a semantic context aware graph planning problem to build a set of best composed Web services based on user’s context. The construction of the planning graph is based on semantic context-aware Web service discovery. This allow, for each step of the construction, to add most suitable Web services in terms of semantic compatibility between the services parameters, and their context similarity with the user’s context. In the backward search step, semantic and contextual similarity scores are used to find composed Web services list. Finally, in the ranking step, a score is calculated for each candidate solution and a set of ranked solutions is returned to the user.