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Latent factor model applied to recommender system: A survey
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14th European Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems
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Conférence intertnationale
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Nowadays, internet has offer an overabundance of available information. In social networks, users confront gigantic number of items. To overcome this phenomenon, known as information overload, recommender systems are intended to filter information and help users to make their choice. Many models based collaborative filtering have been used in the literature to solve the problem of recommendation. Among these models, latent factor model has become the most popular due to his performed results of accuracy. This work is part of research into Recommender System domain and aims to present a detailed explication on works based latent factor model. We first describe a general view of this model. Its realization in field of recommendation is next presented. A detailed study on different steps is then exposed. The most important works that have been developed are then presented. To the author’s knowledge, there has been no work that tries to explain in detail how latent factor model is applied to Recommender Systems.